Additional Services

Change Injectors

An additional service is injectors cleaning, on diesel cars and vans. The whole process takes 30 minutes, cleaning the pipes in the intake system and fuel injectors, to contribute to a better functioning of the engine ground cleaner piping and nozzles.

In any case, the cleaning of injectors cannot substitute the cleaning that becomes from α specialized crew, and it can repair damages to the injectors.


Change Spark Plugs

The proper function and efficiency of the spark plug , greatly affect the performance and the consumption of the engine.
For a spark plug high-tech manufacturers give life than 20.000chlm up to 80,000 miles depending on the vehicle type and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In the book’s manufacturer you will find the life of spark plugs of your vehicle which we propose to observe because:

  • When the spark plugs have exceeded the maximum life span of the effect on engine performance it is directly presenting glitches.
  • When the combustion is incomplete, thus increasing consumption and reducing the efficiency of the engine.

Obtain and insert the appropriate plugs .
The correct formula to use is written in the manufacturers book.



Apart from items it is required by the Highway Code which you should have in your car , there are those that will come very useful in times of need .

You must have:

  • Triangle , which must be placed at a suitable distance (at least 100m highways and 40 meters in residential areas) of the immobilized vehicle.
  • Fire extinguisher, which will be recharged up to the date or replaced when damaged.
  • Pharmacy fully equipped with needed for the care of small injuries. In the event that includes medicines, they must be renewed prior to their expiration date.

The “proactive”:

  • A small toolbox with useful tools for on-site repair minor damage and injuries.
  • Well-known as ” alligator ” or power transmission cables , which seem particularly useful both to you and to a fellow human being , if the car battery is discharged.
  • Small containers with essential automotive fluids such as oil, Paraflou, brake fluid , etc.
  • A lens that always can shed light on emergencies in low light conditions.