In our Gas stations except of the fuels you can find also high quality of Lubricants for all the car types.  The lubricant automobile is one of the key ingredients for the life and the safe operation of the engine. The good operation of the engine depends on the use of suitable lubricants. The function of lubricant inside the engine is to lubricate all moving parts, reducing the friction to protect the engine from damage.

Lubricants car classified according to engine technology for which they are intended and specifications are divided into four main categories:

Mineral oils, which are separated into paraffinic, naphthenic and mixed (mixed paraffinic and naphthenic ) with paraffinic base to show its best features .

Synthetic lubricants are produced from basic feature the few remains in the sump , the less damage to the combustion chamber using very high and very low engine temperature and low vapor means lower fuel consumption and greater resistance to oxidation resulting longer time to elapse between changes . Also keep constant lubricating film and high temperatures do not alter their viscosity.

The semisynthetic lubricating car, paraffinic base oils are processed to have a chemical composition almost identical to that of synthetic.

The recycled automotive lubricants from waste oils cleaned and heated to a high temperature to recover their features and oils mixed with new and special additives. The efficiency of the recycled oil reaches 70% in relation to non- recycled.