Our collaboration with EKO, give us the opportunity to offer you the top and the most innovative products, designed to cover in the maximum to your needs. The commitment for ultimate quality is realized through the provision of products which cover all possible requirements

Our fuels daily earn the trust of consumers. All petrol types are manufactured at the group’s refinery and are subjected to the strict quality controls, ensuring a double quality guarantee for end users. So our consumers combine the high level of the end product with a comprehensive and professional standard of service at reasonable prices.

Particularly in service have:

  • Unleaded 95 EKONOMY
  • Unleated 100 Speed
  • Diesel EKONOMY
  • Heating Oil
  • LPG (available soon)


Unleaded 95 EKONOMY

Unleaded petrol 95 octane with additives which:

  • Protect the engine from wear and tear
  • Clean the inlet valves resulting in an improvement in engine performance
  • Are more human and environmentally friendly (fewer exhaust fumes)
  • Save on fuel

The 95EKONOMY fuel is based on a new improved formulation with additives and friction adjusters latest technology, which has the effect of reducing consumption to 1 liter * at each filling of the reservoir, adding up to 300 additional kilometers a year with the same amount of fuel.

*the shorter tank capacity and filling 50 liters of fuel. comparing the performance of a conventional petrol and performance of this same conventional petrol after the addition of specific additives 95EKONOMY. saved the exact amount may vary depending on the type of car, conditions and type driving.


Unleated 100 Speed

Superior unleaded petrol 100 octane with additives.

  • Meets the specifications of 2009 as it contains low-level sulphur (10 ppm, that is, 5 times lower than the state specification).
  • Gives increased power mainly in extreme driving conditions (high revs, heavy loads)
  • Helps extend the life of the catalytic converter (low sulphur content)
  • Cleans the inlet valves resulting in maintenance / improvement in performance
  • Friendly to humans and the environment (reduction in quantity and quality of fumes)
  • Protects the engine from wear and tear
  • Reduces fuel consumption



Diesel with the best hi-tech additives that ensure:

  • Cleaner injection jets and engine
  • Reduced exhaust fumes
  • Gradual improvement in engine performance
  • Fuel economy
  • Protection of diesel cycle (pump, jets etc.) from corrosion resulting in a reduction of maintenance costs
  • Lower «freezing» temperature