Bonus Card


What Bonus Card is

  • Bonus Card has designed to reward the loyal customers, who earn from their repeated purchases.

✔ How does the Bonus Card works

  • Each company’s product from any part of it, may come as fuel and lubricants, buy coffee or snacks, car insurance and spare parts will be accompanied with points that attains the consumer to purchase the product (consumer credit), and points needed by the consumer to acquire the product without paying more money (points) Act.
  • The members of this program, collect points by repeated purchases. You can then redeem them with free acquisition of a product or service offered by our company provided the points you have collected sufficient to obtain the product or service.
  • The points are accumulated in your account in two specific ways, depending on the type of product or service:
    • For fuel, before the supply of fuel, you need to pass the card from the “reader” who will be placed on each pump, to identify the user to take the points from this transaction. This transaction cannot be credited to the user account untimely, because it requires the card to be recognized before the supply of fuel.
    • For all other products and services offered by our company, the points will be credited to the member’s account, when, before the purchase of the product or service has passed the card from the “reader” has been recognized by the holder, that points of the particular transaction is credited to his account, while cutting the document that proves the transaction.

Similar to the previous case cannot be deferred member’s account is credited.

✔ How do you become a member of the program

  • Upon completion of the application form which will be available from our gass stations.
  • After filling the application form, through the company’s website.
    • After the processing the data, it will activate the card with the information you submitted and sent to you the recipient by mail in a special folder that will contain all the instructions for the card and details.
    • In case of loss or damage the Bonus card, the card cancels upon request of the member and reissues a new card without losing the points.
    • The card provides program members for free.

How do you know how many points you have collected

  • Initially , specific machines will be installed at the premises of our service .
  • Through our website , when completed and fully developed the appropriate software .
  • Furthermore the document each transaction will indicate the points held by the member.

✔ There will be graduation program members

  • Initially, each member is Silver Member ( silver card) , the privileges will have this category .
  • If the points you will collect the member within a calendar year exceed a certain limit , the member shall become a Gold Member, gets the new card is golden , and enjoys more privileges . To maintain it , you need the following years does not fall under a number of points we have.

 Future benefits

  • Through a network of partners that will be developed in the near future , the member showing the membership card will have discounts or other benefits in its dealings with the participating stores .

✔ Card duration

  • The card is valid at both stations of our company that exist today ( Mournies 38 and Karamanli , 86 ) and represents not only the store that can be typically user a member.
  • In case the company will operate an additional service , the card will be valid on the same terms and new stations.
  • Card which is inactive for two years delete uninformed person who owns, and points are lost.

 How members will be informed

  • Through our website.
  • With informative email that will be sent to members of the program.
  • From brochures that will exist on the premises of stations.
  • From brochures to be mailed to members.