Apart from items it  is required by the Highway Code which you should have in your car , there are those that will come very useful in times of need .

You must- have:

  • Triangle , which must be placed at a suitable distance (at least 100m highways and 40 meters in residential areas) of the immobilized vehicle.
  • Fire extinguisher, which will be recharged up to the date or replaced when damaged.
  • Pharmacy fully equipped with needed for the care of small injuries. In the event that includes medicines, they must be renewed prior to their expiration date.

“proactive”  :

  • A small toolbox with useful tools for on-site repair minor damage and injuries.
  • Well-known as ” alligator ” or power transmission cables , which seem particularly useful both to you and to a fellow human being , if the car battery is discharged.
  • Small containers with essential automotive fluids such as oil, Paraflou, brake fluid , etc.
  • A lens that always can shed light on emergencies in low light conditions.