Company Profile

Our company was established in 1999 by the Taxi Association of the prefecture of Chania and initially activated in the Gas Stations. Recently the company has expanded its activities to other areas, such as spare parts supplies, the creation of dining areas, Cafe / Snack, as well as providing insurance policies in all sectors.

Focused on customer satisfaction and applicable to all areas of total quality management, its aim is, to provide products and services, satisfying fully the cost – quality.

Specifically our consumers can purchase fuel, heating oil, lubricants, automotive spare parts and consumable products , request information – services related to insurance products and also they can enjoy drinks and snacks which perfectly meet the higher standards of the Mediterranean diet. Furthermore, the hours that the shop will be closed, customers can purchase fuel using vending machines.

Having always respect to our customers, our company makes certain that we can provide you with a vast selection of the most up-to-date and sophisticated products on the market.  Also it can provide you an on going and thorough quality control of the products and services, constant managers and employees training and the installation of state of the art equipment and software, in order to minimize the time and the cost of service and to maximize consumers’ benefits.

As a pioneer in the field of fuel innovation and holds oil separators , the only currently available throughout Greece at a petrol station , thus contributing in its own way in the proper operation and protection of the engine and the emission reduction GUST achieves better combustion engine , helping to protect the environment.

Moreover, we are certificated with 9001, for our quality of products and services from Lloyds Company.